I'm trying my best as it is

I'm Kristen and it's nice to have met you.

intentions unknown,
a foreign territory.
why the sudden change? 

…of getting caught

to do, like we do,
with everything on the line,
it is worth the risk

your words flow freely
expressing your every thought.
you don’t need to yell.

i’ve heard it before,
of all the times I’ve messed up.
i know i’m a shame.

i am a failure.
though you seem to not have heard,
I’m sorry for that.

leave me to die here
on isolated terrain,
i feel all alone.

i wish you could just
comfort me and pretend you
care, you’re my strong-hold.

if only you knew
your significance to me,
then maybe you’ll show.

But, you’ll never know.
so i fend for myself and
forever remain


the unspoken truth
of your actions speak so clearly,
cheating at its best.

puncturing my heart
you delve in my seclusion.
Do you feel my pain?