I'm trying my best as it is

I'm Kristen and it's nice to have met you.

November 12, 2011

I still can’t fathom the reason as to why I feel the way I do about you. There are times, moments throughout my day, everyday, when I think about you and I promise myself that I won’t talk to you, but it’s as soon as I feel your presence near me, as soon as I see you and we make eye contact, that those thoughts go away. I’m vulnerable at the sight of you.

I hate that.

your gaze, it lingers.

this moment, your sight.
surround me.
make your presence known,
will you not?

this moment, your sight. 
a critic
that so heavily inspects,
what do you make of me?

surround me,
fill me with your judgments.
tell me all that I
Must know.

make your presence known,
familiarize yourself
with my every flaw.
Do you like what you see? 

Will you not
take into consideration
I am not what I seem?
of course not.

that’s why
your gaze, it lingers. 

The faces of the crowd,
so distinct.
So many emotions
so clearly
throughout the
laughter and sadness
and happiness and

Why can’t time freeze for once
and let us live a free moment
unhindered by the stress of the
ticking clock?